Neuroscience Dress Trippy Retina Print Science-Geek-Sleek-Chic

The print on this dress is based on the art of the incredible science artist Tartuferi in 1887 who drew what he saw through the microscope. I redesigned the print myself. And what more fun color to make it than hot pink! This print is what eye neurons looks like at a cellular level, so cool! The length is just below the knee. 


You won't find anything like this out there, it's totally unique. It is inspired by a custom design I did for a hottie neuroscientist check her out here!

Also, a very lovely neuroscience girl wrote a fantastic blog article about my print!


This one is truly a conversation starter and even educational! 

This dress is so comfortable and easy-wear, perfect for summer. The fabric is a very slinky silky smooth lycra. It's a great dress for travel as it folds up very small and tends not to wrinkle. You'll get lots of attention wearing this one...

Designed, printed and sewn in California. Hand made custom to order, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.